Getting all your poptropica information from the poptropica secrets website
poptropica-counterfeit-island-caught-stealing.pngPoptropica is a multi-player online game that is played over a network. Persons get to complete different mission on different levels in order to get rewards, while doing so you can interact with other real people who are also playing the game and you will be represented by a customizable avatar.

There are many poptropica cheats and poptropica secrets to be utilised, if you are having problem passing a stage or finishing a mission, there is also complete poptropica walkthroughs to guide you through the missions on the various poptropica islands.

The chat within Poptropica is pre-scripted so as to eliminate the possibility of profanity usage, especially due to the fact that this game is mostly played by kids and young teenagers. It is also played by adult too, but the age selection on the poptropica website stops at 15 years of age.

Poptropica secrets are in abundance on the poptropica secrets website; there are many islands to visit and many gadgets to collect, you can up to get poptropica cheats to help you along the way, or you can get poptropica help to understand what to do better. Here are some of the poptropica islands and what they entail.

poptropica-counterfeit-island-feeling-down-clown.pngThe second island to be created in poptropica is the Shark Tooth Island, on this island the residents are having trouble with a shark that lives around it; his name is Booga, you would need to explore the island to find something to help get rid of the shark and assist the residents. You will also have to rescue a man, who is a professor and a boy who was cornered by the same shark. Poptropica tips and trick are available for this island, whether complete walkthroughs or poptropica secrets

The next island to be released was the Time Tangled Island, this involves a time machine that has gone haywire and has made some unwanted changes in history that needs to be reverted, as the player of this island, and this would become your job. After you have corrected the past and therefore fixing the future, you will be able to visit yourself 50 years from the present.

We will also take a look at the 24 Carrot Island, it is poptropica’s fourth island and the residents there are having trouble with a kleptomaniac, all there carrots were stolen. The person that stole the carrots have made a giant robot bunny to help him steal and to kidnap some of the citizens, it is your duty to save them. For poptropica help with this island, go to poptropica secrets, where you can get all the necessary information to make it through this mission and all the others.

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